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Issue: What would be the cause if a customer contacts you telling that they have a full DVD license. However, the system prompts that they only have 15 days left?

Solution: After the DVD is installed on the computer, the customer has to validate Serial key provided on the DVD. To validate the serial key, please instruct the customer to click on "Days Left" icon. Once the Days Left icon is clicked, they will see a pop-up which will prompt the user to enter the District Name, School name and Serial Key.

Once the information is successfully entered, the user needs to click on the "Validate" button. This will fix the issue! 

Please refer to the attached User Manual for Installation Guide.

Attachments: STAARSmart Installation Guide (Macintosh).pdf (1 mb)  STAARSmart Installation Guide (Windows).pdf (0.9 mb)  InstallationGuide-STAARSmart(MSI).pdf (815.5 kb) 

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