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STAARSmart renewal process
Step: 1 Login to Support

Step: 2 Go to Ticketing Home and verify the requirement in the order form received from the Sales rep.

Step: 3 Access STAARSmart users tab using the Support site main menu.

Step: 4 Search the District you are trying to renew using the SEARCH wizard. Once the district is located, click on the District to extend the expiration date. Here’s where you will find the serial key details and the product assigned to the particular District/School.

Step: 5 You are now seeing the overview of STAARSmart details for this district. To edit, click on Edit link.

Step: 6 Clicking the Edit link will enable you to change the version, extend the expiration etc. Once the changed have been made, click on Update button.

Step: 7 Now, go to Support site main menu and click on Email.

Step: 8 Click on Email Management.

Step: 9 Click on Select Template and scroll down to select the STAARSmart renewal template.

Step: 10 These are the STAARSmart renewal templates for Windows and MAC. To choose the template click on the small green icon. Make sure to add the table in the “TABLE GOES HERE” column

- A detailed explanation with screenshots have been presented in the document attached below. Kindly refer to it for more information.

Attachments: STAARSmart renewal process.docx (525 kb) 

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