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DVD subscription renewal process
Step: 1 Login to Support site.

Step: 2 Click on DVD Customer.

Step: 3 Type in the District name in the Search tab if the school has a pre-existing DVD account.

Step: 4 If the school is already listed, then you will see it under District. For example: See the below screenshot. To edit any of the below items under the highlighted sections then click on Edit.

Step: 5 Click on the School to view the product keys and expiration date.

Step: 6 Click on Edit to change the expiration date.

Step: 7 Change the expiration date as per the PO and choose the latest version from the drop down menu and click on Update

- A detailed explanation with screenshots have been presented in the document attached below. Kindly refer to it for more information.

Attachments: DVD subscription renewal process.docx (405.9 kb) 

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