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Generating a customer usage report
Topic- How to generate a customer usage report?

  • Step: 1 Login to Support site.
  • Step: 2 Click on Customer Usage Reports as shown below:
  • Step: 3 Select the ‘date range’ and the ‘district’ from the drop down menu that you are intending to Refresh. As an example, Benavides ES has been chosen the below screenshot. (Refer attachment)
  • Step: 4 Click on “Schoolwide Report”
  • Step: 5 Click on “Export” tab
  • Step: 6 Select the “Monthly, Weekly or Daily” report as per requirement
  • Step: 7 Click on “Export School Details” tab
  • Step: 8 Save the Excel sheet to your local drive
  • Step: 9 View the Final report for the school. Here Benavides ES School has been taken as an example.

- A detailed explanation with screenshots have been presented in the document attached below. Kindly refer to it for more information.

Attachments: Customer usage report.docx (571.5 kb) 

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