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Creating Teacher/Student credentials in an Excel file
Topic- How to create teacher/student credentials in an Excel file?

NOTE: Once the support team receives the Teacher and Student data template then the account is created. Only then the Teacher and  Student credentials are attached in an email and sent to the contact admin.

  • Step 1: Review “Teacher” data template for completion of information in columns “A-F.”
  • Step 2: Ensure the User ID, Password and District are in order.
  • Step 3: Add “Website” and link ( in the column “H.”
  • Step 4: Add “Numbers” as shown below (Refer the attachment)
  • Step 5: Copy the same “Numbers” paste it below the last entry.
  • Step 6: Using the mouse, right click on the selected column “I.”
  • Using the drop down option, click on “Sort.”
  • Using the drop down option, click again on “Sort Smallest to Largest."

  • Step 7: Click on “Expand the selection” button on the popup screen and click on "Sort."
  • Step 8: Select all columns “A-I” and click on “Filter” icon.
  • Step 9: Select all columns “A-I”, click on “Filter” icon, uncheck the “Example District” box and click on “OK.”
  • Step 10: Copy the columns “A-H.”
  • Step 11: Paste the columns to number 10 and remove “Filter” icon.
  • Step 12: Delete the column “I.”
  • Step 13: Select all columns “A-H” to click “Center” icons to align the text.
  • Step 14: Click on “View.”
  • Step 15: Uncheck the Gridlines.
  • Step 16: Select the cell and right click to select “Format Cells”.
  • Step 17: Click on “Border”.
  • Step 18: Select the last second color “Grey.”
  • Step 19: Click on “Outline.”
  • Step 20: Click on “Inside” and click “OK.”
  • Step 21: View successfully created Teacher Credentials.
  • Step 22: Change the excel file name.
NOTE: Please name the “Teacher and Student credentials excel files” before sending to contact admin

For example - 
  • Edusmart_Credentials_ExampleSchoolES_Teacher.xls
  • Edusmart_Credentials_ ExampleSchoolES _Student.xls
!! Note 3 !! : Follow the above said steps to create STUDENT credentials

  • Step 23: Sign into the “Support Center” with User Name and Password -
  • Step 24: Click on “Email.”
  • Step 25: Click on “Email Management."
  • Step 26: Fill the fields as per requirement from the below mail format.
  • Step 27: Click on “Upload.”
  • Step 28: Click on “Send.” 
Sending Teacher and  Student credentials by email to the contact Admin

  • Step 29: Please copy and paste the below canned response and fill in the details that are marked "XXXABCDEFXX” as per the situation.

Subject: XXXXExample District-Example School ESXXXX: Your Teacher and Student account credentials

Dear XXXXExampleXXXX,

The teacher and student accounts for XXXXXExample School ES (Example District)XXXXX have been created on Edusmart LMS. Please find attached Excel file with the teacher and student credentials.

When teachers login the first time, they will be required to change their password. Passwords for the already existing accounts remain unchanged.

Upon logging in they can access the user manual by clicking on "Help" on the top right corner of the landing page. The user manual will provide instruction on navigation functions of the platform.

We hope your teachers and students enjoy Edusmart. Please contact us at if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.


Edusmart Support Team.

- A detailed explanation with screenshots have been presented in the document attached below. Kindly refer to it for more information.

Attachments: Creating Teacher-Student Credentials in the Excel file.docx (2.4 mb) 

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